Our Vision

Our vision is to create a lifestyle of freedom — more time, less stress, financial independence — so that we can pursue our passions, together as a family and with those closest to us. And through our own journey, share what we’ve learned, our experiences and knowledge, and help others to achieve the same.

We believe it’s possible to achieve your dreams. We believe everyone can be…extraordinary!

Where we were

After 20+ years in the corporate world, providing Executive Support services to busy professionals, working hard helping them to build their companies and their dreams, life was – to say the least – unsatisfactory! My working life up to my 30s consisted of years of travelling around the country chasing the next job opportunity. I struggled to put down roots (6 different addresses in 5 years!).  Long dreary daily commutes to and from the office left me with no time or energy to spend with my family or enjoy the things I love. I needed a better lifestyle, fast!

Creating new opportunityEventually I came to realise there had to be another way to face the future. I was in a new relationship, and found that the spare time I had was now even more precious and there was too little of it. I wanted to spend it with my new partner (now my husband!) and his two amazing children, and grow and bond as a family.

My “lightbulb” moment came with chest pains and a visit to A&E! That was the catalyst which spurred me into taking back control of my life so that I could create a better lifestyle for my family. I had to find a new way. I had to think differently.

As I looked at the myriad options, I quickly learned that the way we work is changing. The way we do business is changing. Many of the traditional skills previously required for traditional jobs are becoming obsolete. More of us are working harder, longer, for less money, leaving us dissatisfied, unfulfilled, with no time to spend with family or doing the things we truly love. If you have dreamed of creating a better lifestyle, of a way to live more, this may well resonate with you.

The transition plan

I realised that building this future was going to require a new approach, new skills, a new mindset. So I set about looking for a platform on which to build and develop this new opportunity. There’s more about how we selected our chosen platform on the next page.

For me, learning new skills, taking advantage of new opportunities, and building an online business from home has been a reawakening. It has shown me that it’s OK to dream bigger. To work the hours that I choose, around my family, focusing on things that I am passionate about. and sharing those passions with like-minded people. Helping others to start their own journey and by doing so helping to secure the best possible lifestyle for my family is a dream, one that I know I can finally achieve.

And the best thing is that I can do this together with those closest to me – enjoying the journey together and having real fun doing it!

How can we help you?

As we grow and develop our online business and create a life of unlimited freedom, we want to help others to do the same. Whatever your background, your interests, whatever your reason “Why”, we would like to help you achieve it. We didn’t start out with any knowledge of how to grow a business online. But we found people who could help us learn and start our journey. We’d like to do the same for you.

Need a little more inspiration? Try this…

Is this your time to step out of the shadows and into the light of a new way of life? Are you ready to start your journey to a better lifestyle? If not now, then when? Go on. You can do it. Be….extraordinary!



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